Kelli Auerbach

Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts

Kelli Auerbach earned her BA and MFA from Brown University, where she studied the cultural history of medicine as well as creative writing. She has continued to merge these interests in both her writing and teaching. While a Visiting Assistant Professor at RISD, Kelli developed multiple interdisciplinary courses, including a team-taught endeavor that combined RISD art students and Brown medical students. Currently, Kelli is teaching a creative writing and medicine course at California Institute of the Arts.

Her short stories have appeared in the journals 3rd Bed and Encyclopedia, she is the author of the illustrated children’s book The Adventures of Trixie and Dinkidoo, and she recently completed the manuscript for her novel, The Owl House. In addition to teaching at RISD and CalArts, Kelli has taught at Brown University and the University of Cape Town. Numerous honors include a Fulbright Fellowship to South Africa, both Fiction and Screenwriting Fellowships from the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, and a Wood Travel Grant from the Mutter Museum/College of Physicians Library in Philadelphia.

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